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Multiple Sales Interfaces

Distribute your products through various channels

B2C - Online Travel Portal
B2C - Online Travel Portal
  • Integration with your existing website design
  • Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency website
  • Automated Emails/SMS for Vouchers/E-tickets details
  • Attractive layout for result display
  • Search Flight, Hotel, Car, Packages, Cruise & Others
  • Secure Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Markup logics for different types of customers
  • Build your own promos for different sections on website
  • Have multiple websites running on same platform
  • Shopping basket for multi-product transaction
  • Blended display of results from Negotiated and XML fares
  • Easy booking flow – search, add information & payment
  • Dynamic Package with multi-product sales
  • Integration to Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Cross sell options for products like Insurance & Car Rentals
  • Account management and Trip History for clients
Call Center
Call Center
  • Rights based system with workflow and authorization
  • Single view booking window for all information
  • Edit existing bookings and add or delete products
  • Search fare with/without availability or import a PNR
  • Option to do fare quote and record client enquiry
  • Multiple payment modes - credit card/cheque/cash/others
  • Complete customer info for customer-centric sales
  • Booking logs to track each step involved in booking
  • Access Portal or B2B bookings and modify them
  • Booking queues/lists to track bookings on different steps
  • Attach notes with a booking to save extra information
  • Send messages to colleagues related to a booking
B2B - Sub-Agent
B2B - Sub-Agent
  • Register B2B companies and agents under them
  • Create bookings on behalf of their own customers
  • Make payments, see own bookings & apply markups
  • Set Credit limits and payment rules for each sub-agent
  • Automated Sub-agent invoicing system
  • B2B login for all sub-agents and their booking staff
  • Different Markup/Commissions for different Sub-agents
  • Credit Management and Payment Reconciliation
  • Flash new deals to all sub-agents at a touch of a button
  • Monthly performance reports and payment history
  • Sub-agents can set markups for different types of customers
  • Networked in the Industry

Fares Management System

Manage fares and contracts for all your products

  • Web Service based architecture to provide platform independent solution
  • Centralized maintenance of complex negotiated airfares along with its associated rules into a single database
  • Complete right based control to prevent unauthorized access
  • User-friendly interface where complex data can be easily added
  • User can enter & retrieve complex contracts for various classes involving return or one-way journeys of various types like long haul, add-ons, feeder fares & combinations involving Open Jaw or Double Open Jaw or Mix classes
  • User can define complex set of rules & conditions such as Stay validity,Child/Infant Calculation criteria, Booking /Ticketing conditions, Rebooking/Cancellation conditions, Date or Flight Restrictions, Weekday/Weekend
  • Retrieval is extremely fast and accurate, with correct pricing after all required validity & quality checks
  • Centralized maintenance of extremely complex negotiated hotel room tariffs along with all their associated rules and regulations into a single database
  • Manage unlimited hotel suppliers and also give them the rights to check and edit their content
  • 3 tier easily managed system based on “Supplier-Hotel-Room"
  • Apply different markups/commissions for each contract on each channel
Car Rentals
Car Rentals
  • Define complex set of rules & conditions to manage fares
  • Manage open jaw, via-points or stops through a single interface
  • Set credit limits and payment rules for each sub-agent
  • Comprehensive markup and fare management
  • Establish XML connects with various aggregators
  • Comprehensive mark-up and fare management module
  • Define possible "Form to" combinations
  • Manage cruise companies, ships and room types
  • Direct connects to cruise companies & aggregators
  • Manage all types of complex negotiated contracts
  • Define complex contracts with pricing & allocations
  • Premium rates can be maintained for each policy level for different destinations
  • Policy cover like medical claim, baggage lost etc. can be maintained against each policy level
  • Rules can be defined for different age groups of adult, child and infants etc.
  • Different premium rates can be defined for individuals and family against each policy level
  • Create and Manage all types of Pre-made packages
  • Completely roles and rights based system
  • Duplicate contracts to save data entry time
  • Book confirmed or on request package
  • Add flight, hotel, apartment, cruise, car or other products
  • Manage complex markups across different channels
  • Define categories, destinations, stay dates and booking dates
  • Define valid passenger configurations for package booking
  • Complete allocation management with release period
  • Define itinerary, includes/excludes terms conditions, cancellation

Mid and Back Office

Interface to manage all your bookings, system settings, reports, markups, commissions, staff, clients, suppliers, sub agents and much more

  • Company Details - Define the address and contact details for your documents, define branches details like address and phone numbers
  • Branch Management - Define branches with contact details, bank accounts, IATA numbers
  • Credit Card Management - Define different types of cards with net/gross, minimum payment, specific prefixes and track fraudulent cards
  • System Charges - define rules for booking fee, service fee etc. Create discount vouchers and promotional coupons and delivery types with charges
  • Portal Settings - Terms and conditions to be displayed on the portal and other products related settings
Booking Processing
Booking Processing
  • Details - Booking Reference number, creator, time, channel, status
  • Super PNR - A unique Super PNR is created for each booking in the system
  • Booking Logs - See all the steps involved in the booking with time and user details.
  • Track automated and manual emails, payment methods and document numbers
  • Client Details - Check and edit client details, import PNR and Sync PNR or check client’s booking and payment history and his preferences
  • Pax Details - Check and edit details of all passenger, Add more Pax, define lead pax and edit lead pax, add preferences
  • Itinerary Details - Check and edit products in the itinerary, add more products by searching or manually, see cancelled sectors
  • Costing Details - See Net, Gross, Tax and profit for each product & Add more charges, apply discounts, change payment due date
  • Payment Details - Accept payment in all modes like Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Inter booking, Voucher
  • Refund payment, see receipt details and edit payments
Booking Queues and Lists
Booking Queues and Lists
  • Booking Queues - Different Queues are defined in the system according to the booking process - New Bookings, Authorization Queue, Pending Payments, Ticketing Queue, Documents & Delivery Queue, Dispatch Queue
  • Booking Lists - Several booking lists are available to have a quick overview on sales - In Process Booking, On Request Bookings, Locked Bookings, Sub Agent Bookings, Website Bookings
Charges & Discounts
Charges & Discounts
  • Manage charges to be attached automatically or manually
  • Define different charges based on per booking & per pax
  • Fixed or percentage based charges
  • Define various delivery types and charges associated to them
Customer Management
Customer Management
  • Manage client queries and profiles
  • Segment customers and prospects by meaningful profiles
  • Save individual preferences and frequent flyer numbers
  • Define customer types and apply markups for customer types
  • Activate or deactivate for online usage
  • Access to complete history of the customer bookings and payment
  • Customer able to access their booking history and profile through online interface
  • All documents generated automatically
  • Automated emails to customers for website bookings
  • Have Documents in your country language
  • Accounting Documents - Invoice, Web Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Receipt, Refund, Advance Receipt, Statement of Account
  • Product Documents - Itinerary, Flight E-tickets, Hotel Voucher, Car Voucher, Package Voucher, Insurance Voucher, Other Products Voucher
Markups & Commissions
Markups & Commissions
  • Different markups for B2B, B2C, Call Center
  • Different markups and commissions can be set for each supplier
  • Set individual markups for each product for your B2B Sub-agents
  • Define geographies for each supplier
  • Define markups in fixed or percentage values
MIS - Reporting System
MIS - Reporting System
  • Multiple types real time reports to find out what, how much, when and who made the sale
  • Fully integrated across all sales channels, users and functions
  • Export reports to multiple file formats
  • Finance Reports - exchange rates, aged creditors, credit card collection, credit card refund, SAFI, supplier payment, supplier paylist, supplier remit, total sales summary, total non-air sales, third party VAT, ATOL
  • Sales Reports - branch grand profit, outstanding balance, sales agent commission, daily receipt, account statement, aged debtor, subagent performance
  • Product Reports - air sales, car sales, hotel sales, insurance, other products, top destinations, pax info, hotel room sales, hotel dispatch
  • BSP Reports - BSP Documents, Missing Tickets, Outstanding Tickets
Staff Management
Staff Management
  • Access to unlimited staff members
  • Completely roles and rights based system
  • Assign specific roles to each staff member
  • Create teams, designations, departments
  • Assign different sales commission for each staff member
Sub-Agent Management
Sub-Agent Management
  • Create unlimited users under any sub-agent
  • Receive payments, see sub-agent bookings, see pending payments, maintain sub-agent profile and logins
  • Apply different Markup/Commissions for different Sub-agents
  • Credit Management, Payment Reconciliation and account history
Supplier Management
Supplier Management
  • Create different suppliers for different negotiated products
  • Manage complete profile including email, phone, fax, address
  • Send automated emails each time you book or do a change in the booking
  • Complete reporting on payments done, bookings made, pending payments to suppliers
  • Get list of all emails sent through the system for each supplier

3rd Party Integrations

Connect to all your favorite content suppliers and payment gateways. For a complete list of ready connections, check the suppliers page on the top menu.

3rd Party Integrations
3rd Party Integrations
  • Ready connection to 3rd party aggregators for Flights, Hotels & Apartment, Low Cost Carriers, Car Rentals, Payment Gateways etc
  • GDS Connectivity with Search fares, Import PNR, Synchronization of PNR, Booking, Automated E-ticket, CCCF payments, Multi-GDS blended display
  • Hotel Aggregators connectivity with Blended search, Booking, Cancellation, Modification, Voucher Generation, Maps, Room details, Features
  • OTA Compliant: Your content can be easily made available to other OTA’s

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