Frequently Asked Questions!

  • The size and nature of your company business should define the model you should select. If you want the system to only manage your bookings, staff, clients, suppliers and other accounting needs then you should opt for the Economy Model. If you also plan to open a B2C Website then you should opt for a Premium Model. If your company is selling to B2B clients also and wants to open a B2B interface then you may opt for the Enterprise Model. All the models will allow you to connect with 3rd party XML content providers (GDS, Hotel Aggregators, Rent-A-Car companies etc) and you can also manage your negotiated content through the Fares and Contracts management system.
  • Please Note: You can always switch from one model to another easily on a One Month Notice.
  • You can choose any suppliers that we are already integrated to. You can find the update list in our Suppliers Section. We have already established the Integration with all these suppliers and they are included in the package. For any new supplier that is not in our list but you may wish to connect, please get in touch with our sales team at sales@finalquadrant.com
  • You will need to have your own licenses and agreements with all the suppliers that you may wish to connect. We only facilitate the technical integration with these suppliers.
  • Yes, our company can integrate to any new suppliers as required by the client. Please get in touch with our sales department for any such requirement.
  • You need to have your own licenses with all the suppliers. The rates these suppliers will give you are dependent on your relation with them. We only facilitate the technical integration with these suppliers.
  • Our sales team can assist you in contacting these suppliers.
  • Since we do not involve in the business transaction, the rates will be different for different companies and will only depend on the suppliers they are connected with and the deals they have with those suppliers.
  • Yes, our system also integrates with your preferred Payment Gateway so you can accept Credit card and Debit Card payments through your B2C, B2B or Call Center Interface. You will need to have an account with your preferred payment gateway and the transaction charges will also be determined between you and the payment gateway. Our system allows applying the Credit Card/Debit Card charges to each card type.
  • Yes, we do not have any restrictions for having an IATA or any such license. Some GDS or other Suppliers may have this kind of a restriction at their end.
  • We will send you a report every month on the booking volumes that you have done on your system and the transaction amount agreed on the same. Your monthly bill will have one fixed component (Monthly License Fee) and one variable component (Transaction fee)
  • Our team will send you an invoice in the first week of every month and you can pay by the last day of that month.
  • Your billing will start as soon as you start making live bookings through our system
  • Depending on the contract we may provide day time or 24x7 Support to our clients. It is also dependent on the working hours of your company and the location.
  • First level of support may be provided by our Reseller Partners as well. For the list of reseller partners please visit our Contact section.
  • For a complete list of our Offices and reseller partners please visit our Contact section.
  • SuiteCase SAAS is a hosted solution, which may not be customized for every requirement. If your company has a specific customization requirement then please get in touch with our sales department and they will let you know the feasibility on the same.
  • If you are a big company and need to get this solution customized according to your requirements then we have another model for SuiteCase which can be entirely customized to suit your requirements. Please get in touch with our sales department for more information on the Customized Solution.
  • Our solution is mainly created for any kind of Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

i.      Online Travel Agent

ii.      Offline Travel Agent

iii.      Travel Call Centers

iv.      Tour Operators

v.      B2B Travel Agencies

vi.      Consolidators or Whole sellers

  • SuiteCase SaaS is a readymade solution. Our team will setup the system for your company in 2 to 3 business days and after that we would require to get the Certifications from Suppliers if you want to integrate with any. Depending on your requirements (for B2C interface, B2B Interface, Payment Gateway etc) the setup time may vary between 0 to 5 weeks. Our team will send you a Project Plan according to your requirements.
  • We have a good section of Online Help and Training videos that can guide your staff members to virtually use any feature of the system. In case your team requires Personal online training you may get in touch with our sales department for the same.
  • We do have a solution for large companies that want to get their own customized version of the software. Please get in touch with our sales department who will suggest you an appropriate solution based on your needs.
  • We take into account all the suggestions and customization requirements from our clients and if possible add them to our Future Product Releases
  • The hosting for our SAAS model is provided with Rackspace (www.rackspace.com) in USA. Rackspace is one of the market leaders for Managed Hosting Solutions.
  • We take a daily differential and weekly full back for all our clients Data.
  • All our modules and interfaces are web based and can be simply accessed over the internet using your company credentials. You may not require to install anything on the client machine.
  • Yes, SuiteCase SaaS enables you to sell your products through different channels, like B2C portal or B2B interface or Corporate login
  • SuiteCase SAAS is independent of any geography and can be used in any country in the world with any currency. If you require a specific feature to be added according to your geography demands then you may get in touch with the Sales Department and discuss with them the possibility to add the feature in the system.
  • Yes, SuiteCase is an open architecture solution, and allows you to provide an API out to enable other portals and services to easily connect to your feed.
  • If you require some customization in a report or a new report, you can simply get in touch with our Sales Department, and they would be assist you with the demand.
  • Our team can provide some readymade templates and designs to choose from. If you have a particular design in mind, then we suggest you to hire a Web Designer to design the HTML/CSS template for you. You can provide us the HTML/CSS template to us, which will be integrated with the portal provided by us.
  • We help you in adding the key words and meta tags on different pages as per your requirement. For external SEO tricks, you would need to hire a relevant company that may help you with Search Engine Optimization.
  • We enable the Google Analytics program on your site, so you can easily track visitors and page wise performance of your site.
  • Yes, you can have any number of branches under your company account. You can allocate Staff members and B2B clients to different branches as well.
  • Yes, you can easily maintain credit limit for any B2B client or corporate customer.
  • We currently provide solutions for flights and hotels. We have worked with over 15 moving companies in the UK though, and always recommend thevanandman.co.uk to all our clients. They are by far the cheapest and quickest moving service across the country, with a high level of reliability and professionalism.

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